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A complete line of all-natural building stone products mined and processed entirely in the United States. This line includes thin, medium and full-bed wallstones available in multiple styles.

Hand-split Wallstone

Hand-Split Wall stone is quarried building stone that has been hand-split to various thicknesses. These products are irregular in shape and are commonly laid as a facade in a mosaic style, but can also be laid in a stack (drystack) or semi-stack fashion. Available in thin, medium and heavy (full-bed) thickness.

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Snapped Wallstone

Snapped Wallstone is broken (or snapped) on mechanical guillotines, yielding a roughly rectangular block in a medium or heavy (full-bed) thickness. These products are commonly laid as a facade in an irregular ashlar style but can also be laid on edge in a stack (drystack) or semi-stack fashion.

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Fieldstone is defined as “a stone occurring naturally in fields, often used as a building material”. Fieldstone Wallstone has a worn (or weathered) appearance caused by natural forces, such as wind and rain, and is typically used on projects where a more rustic or weathered look is desired. The materials are sorted into various color, texture, and size ranges and are typically laid in their natural state.

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River Rock Wallstone

Smoothed by the forces of water and friction, River Rock has somewhat rounded edges and a relatively smooth texture. It is often used in projects where a more natural look is desired.

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Tumbled Wallstone

Tumbled Wallstone is mechanically tumbled to replicate the naturally-smooth look and feel of river rock. These products are irregular in shape with little to no sharp edges

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