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Landscape mulch is one of the easiest ways to quickly and affordably rejuvenate home and commercial landscaping. When used properly, it can also decrease irrigation use and protect your landscaping investment by slowing topsoil erosion. Picking the right mulch keeps plants healthy and protected, saves water and restricts weed growth.

Red Mulch (Bulk)

Retains soil moisture and reduces the need for watering and is great for enhancing flower beds, walkways and other natural areas.

Cypress Mulch

Cypress mulch has long been prized by gardeners and landscapers for its longevity, beauty, and natural insect resistance. Save by buying mulch in bulk!


Pine Straw
Pine Needles (straw) help provide excellent growing conditions for healthy shrubs, tree and plants. High in nitrogen, it acts as a natural fertilizer to your soil as it breaks down. Helps reduce soil erosion, and insulates your plants from harsh weather.