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Landscaping Stone

Get Real Stone® offers high-quality, natural stone for landscaping projects. Our stone is 100 percent real stone, mined and processed in the USA.


Our flagging products are available in several variations including Irregular FlagstoneTumbled Flagstone, and Dimensional Flagstone.

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Boulders & Aggregates

Boulders are available in many colors and various sizes. Decorative Aggregates are screened to 1″ to 4″..

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Tumbled Cobblestone

Our Tumbled Cobbles have been hand-selected and mechanically tumbled to lend a weathered or aged appearance to a quarried stone while maintaining a roughly-rectangular, somewhat symmetrical shape.

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Field Stone & River Rock

Fieldstone has a worn (or weathered) appearance caused by natural forces, such as wind and rain. River Rock has a relatively smooth texture caused by water and friction.

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Outcropping Stone

Outcropping Stone (or slabs) is sold “as-quarried” with dramatically varying dimensions and shapes.

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Waterfall Rock

Waterfall Rock is relatively smooth slabs well-suited for the construction of waterfall features

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